Here are a couple of poems that I've written just for fun. I sent them to some magazines but they didn't want to print them - maybe they thought they were too silly for serious children...

You are welcome to print a copy and share these with your friends. (But adults please remember they are copyright. These poems should not be reprinted without my permission.)

Green Food is Good Food

'Green food is good food,'
That's what my teacher said.
'Green food is good food,
So get that in your head.'

'Green food is good food;
Eat apples, pears and grapes,
Cucumber and cabbages;
They keep you in good shape.'

So I made up a thickshake
With everything that's green -
Celery and spinach
And broccoli and beans.

I put it in the mixer
To give it a good shake -
With grass clippings and gum leaves
Green mould and toads and snakes.

Green food is good food
And I gobbled it like mad;
But if green food is good food
Why does it taste so bad?

My tongue went all slimey;
My guts began to ache;
I had to ask my teacher
'What's wrong with my thickshake?'

She said, 'Green food is good food,
But this is what I mean -
If you want to stay healthy
Eat food that's green and clean!

Know Miss Takes

Wigh is spelling sutch a pane?
I got zeroe for my test ageighn!
Its fine for yoo to larf and laffe
Becaws I can knot spell "giraughf"
Dozen't anybody cair
That Inglish sppelling is not fare?
Just when I have got one rool
The neckst wun tricks me like a fule.
I lern and lirn and lerrn and lurn;
Sew won day it will be my tearn -
If I wirk all day and werk all neight -
Too get every single word all write wright rite right.

Copyright Alison Lloyd 2007

(I count 32 mistakes in this poem - how many can you find?)

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