Meet Letty

A girl like me in a time gone by...

It's 1841. Letty is saying goodbye to the older sister she loves so much. Then there's a mix-up on the docks. Letty finds herself sailing for a new life in Australia. Will Letty find friends and a new home? 

Meet Letty is the first of four stories Alison Lloyd is writing about a young settler who has to make her own way in the colony of New South Wales in 1841.  

Letty's story is part of a series for young Australian readers called 'Our Australian Girl'. You can meet the other Australian Girls and read their adventures too.

Find out more about life in 1841.

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What real Australian girls say about Letty

‘I thought I was there in the story looking at what happened and when the book finished, I felt as if I’d been jolted back to reality!   Isabella, 10

‘This is an exciting book. It is filled with adventurous characters and an outrageously good story…I would love to read the next book in the series.’ Carlee, 11

 ‘At the beginning I almost cried!  If I was Letty then I would be so upset and frightened!  At the end of the story I felt happy for Letty…I think the book was very cleverly written to make me feel for the character and make me want to read on.’ Joanna, 10

'Beautifully written, adventure-filled fiction.' Kids Book Review

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