Battle of the Jade Horse

In China's wild northwest, a mob of bandits challenge the Emperor's rule. Friends Hu and Ren find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. The boys face terrible choices that could destroy them all...

The Tiger battalion is charged with protecting the Emperor's horses, but at what cost for the two boys Ren and Hu? Battle of the Jade Horse is a gripping adventure set in Ancient China. It can be read on its own, or as the sequel to Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger coverTwo boys; one year. One shot at victory...

'The last ball roared into flame and flew high into the air, way above the hoop. With a lurch in the pit of his stomach, Ren realised that Archer Yi was aiming straight in his direction. The arrow whizzed into the tiles on his left, and wedged there, quivering. It was a very near miss...'

Year of the Tiger is an adventure novel set in the shadow of the Great Wall of China, thousands of years ago. 

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